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Author: Nicholle Gerde

Top 3 Impairments to Water Quality in the Basin

Water is ever-changing. And as it changes, so too does it shape and change its environment, our environment. When it comes to understanding the water quality of the Cumberland River basin, there are many factors to consider; from known activities impacting water quality, all the way down to the presence of tiny “bugs” that indicate […]


Trees Give Hope in 2020

It’s been a hard year: tornado, derecho, pandemic. Yet in the midst of the many and varied losses, trees became a symbol of hope more than ever — a sign of brighter days ahead. Business as Usual 2020 for the Cumberland River Compact began as usual, with trees. During the colder months, the Compact staff […]


Your Fall At-Home River-Friendly Checklist

  Fall is one of our favorite times of the year. Not only is it the start of tree planting season with Root Nashville, but it’s a great opportunity to set some goals for your spring landscape and set them up for success!  As the first frost draws nearer, your lawn is beginning to slow […]


5 Ways to Improve Health Through Water Therapy

Water is the source of life… …it’s life-sustaining. We already know that drinking more water is crucial to mind and body function, but what about the benefits of being in and around water for our health? Studies have shown time and again that simply living near a body of water significantly improves people’s well-being. Even […]


Staff Picks: Environmental Films and Series

We’ve put together this list of Environmental Films and Series we love for your viewing pleasure! These are recommended by our staff but we know there are many more out there and we hope you will share your favorites with us.  Happy viewing.   Series   Planet Earth I & II Captured in stunning Ultra-high […]