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Savvy Ways to Support the Cumberland River Compact this Holiday Season

October 27, 2021

This holiday season, help ensure access to clean, healthy water for communities of the Cumberland River watershed. We have an important watershed to protect! Not only does the Cumberland River watershed provide drinking water to 3 million people, but it’s also one of the most biodiverse regions in the country. Our health is tied to the health of our environment. That’s why it’s vital to keep the Cumberland River watershed healthy and free of pollution.

You can help us continue to solve the root causes of water pollution through different ways of giving. Because this is our water, and our future.


Volunteering is a fun and easy way to get close to our rivers and streams. Experience firsthand what’s impacting them and be a part of environmental volunteer projects that improve their health.

Many of our supporters are long-time volunteers. They enjoy the opportunity to meet new people who care about our environment and get outside to give back. Two Cumberland River Compact volunteers and supporters, now married, met at a Cumberland River Compact volunteer event!

We constantly add new environmental volunteer opportunities to our volunteer calendar! Volunteer projects can range from season to season but feature opportunities like:

  • Creek litter cleanups
  • Kayak litter cleanups
  • Rain gardening
  • Tree planting
  • And more!

Head over to our volunteer calendar to give the gift of your time and join an environmental volunteer project happening in your community!


The holidays are busy! Support the Cumberland River Compact while you shop and know that with every purchase, you’re giving back.

Kroger Community Rewards.

  1. Sign in to your digital Kroger account – or create one easily and link it to your shopper’s card.
  2. Then search for and select the Cumberland River Compact here.
  3. Click “save”
  4. And done!

Now your transactions are supporting clean water, at no added cost to you. Kroger donates annually to participating organizations based on your spending.

Amazon Smile.

You shop. Amazon Gives! Easily sign up for Amazon Smile – at no cost to you – through a web browser or the app. Steps for each here.


Friends and family want to give meaningful gifts on your special day. Let them know what’s important to you by creating a birthday fundraiser on Facebook! It’s super easy to do and exciting to see your friends and family rally to support your cause.

There is no fee for donations to nonprofits and the donation gets sent directly to the nonprofit from Facebook.

Ready to set up a birthday fundraiser?? Get started with instructions here.


Annual or monthly donations from our supporters are integral to our success as an organization, allowing us to continue to operate, plan for the future, and grow our impact. Our donors contribute with gifts large and small – but EVERY gift makes a difference to us – and to the health of the Cumberland River basin. 

Consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Cumberland River Compact to help us continue to reach more communities in the watershed with educational programs, restoration projects, and opportunities to connect with water.

Donate Today


If you hold appreciated stocks, transferring those stocks directly to the Cumberland River Compact is one of the most powerful ways to give this year. There are multiple benefits to giving gifts of stock. When you cash out your stocks before donating, you have to pay capital gains tax. However, transferring directly to the Cumberland River Compact allows you to give the full amount of that stock, making your donation much larger. The full amount of the stock is also eligible to be a deduction on your tax return and there is no limit to how many stocks can be transferred each year!

Transfer your stocks today and save!


If you are 70 ½ or older, and have a traditional IRA, you are eligible to make a tax-free donation, regardless of whether or not you itemize deductions on their tax return! These gifts, called Qualified Charitable Distributions, are the smartest way you can give back this year. These gifts should be made by December 15th in order for tax savings to be applied to your current year’s tax return! You can use our tool to calculate how much you need to take out of your IRA, and how much you want to give back to the Cumberland River Compact tax-free.

Get Started with a QCD Gift

We hope you are inspired by these giving options to create a powerful impact on our River before this year comes to a close!