Mansker Creek Restoration

One of the Compact’s newest projects is our Mansker Creek Restoration Project.  This project is supported by the EPA through the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, and is being conducted in collaboration with the City of Goodlettsville.  The project will be part of a multi-year effort to restore the health of Mansker Creek, which is polluted with sediment, pathogens, and high stormwater volumes. Learn More.


Did you know that Tennessee spends around 11 million dollars in litter pickup each year!? While we see much of that litter in our streets and alongside our roads, a surprising amount ends up in our local waterways and even in our backyards. Learn more.

Sugartree Creek Restoration

The Cumberland River Compact and its partners, Metro Water Services and the Nature Conservancy, Tennessee Chapter are working in Sugartree Creek to establish a model for urban stream mediation. The goal of our project is to implement newly designed EPA software that determines optimum locations for water quality projects and apply this to Sugartree Creek. 

Sugartree Creek Restoration

Climate Resiliency

Proactive actions provide good risk management, avoid costs, and help ensure that during our region’s rapid we maintain the natural components of resiliency- tree canopy, headwater streams with natural floodplains and buffer zones, local food production, and open space for public health, safety, recreation, and quality of life. The Compact is moving the basin toward resilience in collaboration with Climate Solutions University, The Nashville Area MPO, and others using climate resilience education, planning, policies and practices. Learn more.


iCreek is an interactive tool developed by the Cumberland River Compact and The Nature Conservancy of Tennessee. Using state water quality data and the power of Google Maps, the tool aims to give you the knowledge and resources you need to give your neighborhood stream the personalized TLC it deserves. Learn more.

Creek Critters

Creek Critters is an interactive educational program for elementary school students, where we bring the creek to you! The goal of our Creek Critters program is to get kids interested in science and in our precious water resources at a young age. Learn more.

Information for Members

Becoming a member of the Cumberland River Compact really helps to support our work, not only nancially, but also because it shows our funders and sponsors how committed the people of Kentucky and Tennessee are to being good stewards of our precious Cumberland River water. Learn more.

Rain Barrel Sales

A rain barrel is a system that collects and stores rainwater from the rooftop that would otherwise be lost to runoff and be diverted to our neighborhood streams and storm drains. You may be surprised by the amount of water you can harvest: one inch of rain on 1,000 square feet of rooftop creates over 600 gallons of water! Learn more.


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