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Our Water. Our Future.

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Three million people and thousands of species depend on clean water from the Cumberland River.

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We Make Sure They Get It

The Cumberland River Basin, one of the most biodiverse regions in the country, encompasses cities, farms, schools, factories, and neighborhoods. Our efforts in education, restoration, and outreach all contribute to keeping our water healthy.

Clean and abundant water

Our mission is to enhance the health and enjoyment of the Cumberland River and its tributaries through action, education, and collaboration.

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We work on the root causes of water pollution, both urban and rural.


Our goal is to give people the tools to be smart, impactful stewards of their watershed and to constructively partner in policy planning with government agencies

Education Opportunities


We engage with all people and areas in our Basin to promote and conserve our water resources in an effort to realize a healthy and sustainable environment.


We implement practices that maintain healthy waters and improve stressed habitats throughout the Cumberland River region.


We provide education, tools, materials, and experiences to individuals and groups in the Basin, inspiring them to assume active roles in water stewardship.


We seek imaginative, science-based solutions to strategically address challenges to communities throughout the Basin.


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5 Ways to Improve Health Through Water Therapy

Water is the source of life… …it’s life-sustaining. We already know that drinking more water is crucial to mind and body function, but what about the benefits of being in and around water for our health? Studies have shown time and again that simply living near a body of water significantly improves people’s well-being. Even […]

Take the eco-Summer Challenge!

Are you ready to take the eco-summer challenge? Each week in July, we challenge kids and their families to participate in a summer challenge! Each challenge encourages you and your kids to get outside, explore nature, and create! Check out the description and guidelines for each challenge below. Once you complete your challenge, stop by […]


Hellbender on the river

June 19th, 2020 | 6pm – 9pm | East Bank Landing

Join us on the banks of the Cumberland River for cocktails with a cause. Enjoy live music, local brews and more while supporting our mission to enhance the health and enjoyment of the Cumberland River and its tributaries through education, restoration, and outreach. Tickets available for presale or at the door. See you on the river!

6th Annual Waterfest

July 12th, 2020 | 1-4pm | Cumberland Park

The 6th Annual Waterfest is a fun, environmental festival for all ages! Come learn about water, sustainability, and our environment with educational activities from over 30 exhibitors and splashes of summer fun. There will be music, waterslides, trivia, dance competitions, and much more!

14th Annual Cumberland River Dragon Boat Festival

September 12th, 2020 | Time TBD | East Bank Landing

Originating in China more than 2,000 years ago, Dragon Boat is a 250-meter race that helps to highlight the history and culture of the region while embracing a fun competition and team building while supporting a great cause. Join us for our 14th Annual Dragon Boat Festival for food, fun, and fierce competition as Nashville’s most competitive teams race to claim the Grand Champion title!