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Working Lands

Supporting Local Economies and Healthy Waters

The Working Lands program works with the professionals who manage pastures, farms, and forests to improve water quality. By partnering with individuals and communities we can restore the ecological function of healthy soil, maintain robust stream buffers, and replant native forests.

A conservation-forward approach to managing working lands is critical to maintaining healthy rivers and streams in the Cumberland River basin and beyond. We believe that economic needs and environmental health can coexist.

Mine Land Reforestation

The Cumberland River Compact’s mine land reforestation program works to enhance soil quality and plant native trees on land that was previously mined for coal. Reforesting this land reduces soil erosion and flooding, increases water infiltration, and reestablishes habitat in some of the most biodiverse regions of Tennessee and Kentucky.

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Support our River Friendly Farmers

The River Friendly Farms logo signifies that a farmer uses farming practices that regenerate soil and protect waterways. Individuals can support River Friendly Farmers at local farmers’ markets and more.

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For Farmers

The River Friendly Farms certification amplifies farmers who utilize water-friendly farming practices by supporting their marketing and farming ventures. River Friendly Farmers implement practices such as cover cropping, reduced tillage, and crop rotation to improve soil health, which ultimately benefit our waterways. Certification lets customers know that your practices protect waterways and care for the environment.

Get certified as a River Friendly Farm

If you’re passionate about conservation and want to join the community of farmers who are ensuring the health of our soil, our water, and our future, apply to become a Certified River Friendly Farm.

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Grazing School

The River Friendly Farms Grazing School sprung from a desire to help local livestock farmers improve their land– and their economic outcomes– while protecting sensitive water resources. This one-day workshop teaches farmers how to implement managed grazing systems on their farms and provides funding opportunities for the tools and equipment needed to implement such systems.

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Terra Firma: Growing Your Farm Business

This annual series hosted by The Cumberland River Compact brings together national and local experts and farmers to teach beginning farmers how to better manage their farm businesses.

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