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Learn about your neighborhood waterways

iCreek is an interactive tool developed by the Cumberland River Compact and The Nature Conservancy of Tennessee. If you live in the Cumberland River Basin, the tool will tell you if your neighborhood waterway is healthy. If your waterway is unhealthy, the tool will also list activities you can do and the resources you can use to help your stream.

Click on a watershed in the map below to learn more

Not sure which watershed you live in? Expand the map by clicking the box in the top right corner and type in your address using the search bar. Once you’ve found and clicked on your watershed, follow the link in the left panel to dive deeper into your watershed map. The watershed map will show all of the rivers and streams that make up your watershed, their health status, and ways to help them if they are unhealthy. Happy exploring!

 Screenshot of the iCreek tool showing the watersheds along the Cumberland River.

If you found a stream in your watershed that’s highlighted red, that means it’s impaired, or unhealthy, for reasons listed when you click on that segment. Learn more about water quality problems and solutions by clicking below.

How to use the iCreek tool

Watch the video to learn about the features of our iCreek map, including what you can do to help unhealthy streams!

How Can You Name an Unnamed Creek?

Every creek deserves a name. Make it official by following a few steps.

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Lesson Plan: iCreek and Water Quality in the Cumberland River Basin

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