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What We Do


Three million people and thousands of species depend on clean water from the Cumberland River.

We work on the root causes of water pollution, both urban and rural.


Our goal is to give people the tools to be smart, impactful stewards of their watershed and to constructively partner within policy planning with government agencies. Through generous support from individuals, corporations, foundations, and grants, we are able to work on projects that positively impact our community. These projects are why we exist – and their results are what drive our mission and vision.

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One of our main goals at Cumberland River Compact is to educate the public and promote awareness around issues and solutions relating to our waterways. Through our youth and community education programs, we are empowering people that can take action today, and preparing those who will take action in the future.

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Throughout the Cumberland River Basin, we partner with organizations and other entities looking to positively impact our water quality. From campaigns to plant more trees, to adopting a stream, to sustainable agriculture, we work tirelessly to provide resources for change.

Each of our programs work hand-in-hand to address the challenges facing our waters today.

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Water quality is a collective concern; we all have an impact and we all have the ability to help improve it. Whether you’re interested in a more water-friendly residence, have some time to volunteer, or want to be a water ambassador in your workplace or community, we have the resources to help you be a better water steward.

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