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5 Ways to Improve Health Through Water Therapy

| At Home

Water is the source of life… …it’s life-sustaining. We already know that drinking more water is crucial to mind and body function, but what about the benefits of being in and around water for our health? Studies have shown time and again that simply living near a body of water significantly improves people’s well-being. Even […]


Take the eco-Summer Challenge!

| At Home, Education

Are you ready to take the eco-summer challenge? Each week in July, we challenge kids and their families to participate in a summer challenge! Each challenge encourages you and your kids to get outside, explore nature, and create! Check out the description and guidelines for each challenge below. Once you complete your challenge, stop by […]


Here Comes the Sun: A Conversation on Solar Energy in Tennessee

| Climate Change, Innovations & Solutions, Issues

Photo of Jason Carney by Tamara Reynolds for NPR.  Summary: Solar energy continues to grow in Nashville and beyond as a viable alternative to traditional sources of energy. Jason Carney with Energy Electives and the Tennessee Solar Energy Association has been a leader in developing solar across Tennessee for over 10 years. In this interview, […]


Nashville 2010 Flood. Photo credit Stephen Yeargin.

10 Years Since the Flood: Nashville’s Resilient Response

| Climate Change, Community, Innovations & Solutions, Issues

2010 Nashville Flood. Photo credit to Stephen Yeargin. CC BY-SA 2.0 license. Summary: In May 2010, Nashville experienced severe flooding across the city. As Nashville recovered from the flood, the city aimed for policies and practices to ensure we can be more resilient to future flooding events. Roger Lindsey, the Floodplain Manager with Metro Water […]