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Reduce paved, impervious surfaces

October 30, 2020

Impervious or impermeable surfaces, like pavement, contribute significantly to polluted stormwater runoff and alter stream flow habitat. If you’ve got excess pavement you’d like removed, consider a de-paving project with the Compact. Elsewhere, ensure that your downspouts drain to vegetation, gravel, or rainbarrels, rather than impervious surfaces. If you constructing or repairing your driveway, pervious pavement allows stormwater to infiltrate and filter through the ground. If you can’t do the whole drive, consider making only the portion closest to the street pervious.

Resources include:
1) De-paving Work – Cumberland River Compact (Call 615-837-1151)
2) Rain Barrel Sales – Cumberland River Compact
3) Rain Barrels Make Good Sense – UT Extension