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River Talks

Connecting Our Cumberland River Community

River Talks is an educational series presented by the Cumberland River Compact. River Talks features conversations with experts, artists, researchers, professionals, and characters from around the Cumberland River Basin and beyond. Whether in-person or on the podcast, River Talks explores new topics related to the health, enjoyment, and protection of the Cumberland River basin’s water, people, and special places.

We Can’t Wait to See You Again

River Talks began as a way to bring together members of the Cumberland River community to learn more about the amazing basin we live in. In-person talks offer a chance to connect, ask questions, and meet new people. While COVID-19 has affected our ability to host talks in-person, we are carrying on the conversation through our River Talks podcast and look forward to being together again!

Don’t miss out on the conversation. Join our staff and speakers from all around as we talk about conservation, our water, and our future. Find it where you get your podcasts.


FEATURED: Water as a Human Right

Sponsored by: Humanities Tennessee


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