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Water and Technology

Grade levels: 6th, Biology 2, Environmental Science, Scientific Research

Water and Technology

Technology has always been an integral part of the water industry. Early water technology helped to improve the reliability of freshwater and prevent water-borne illnesses. Technology has gotten much more advanced over time, it is now used for everything from improving the efficiency of water systems and predicting future needs to ensuring clean water and reducing waste. As the water industry addresses future water issues, technology will be an important tool to support operations and keep communities safe. 

This section includes the “Water and Technology” lesson plan where students will:

  1. Understand the history of water technology and its advancements over time. 
  2. Understand how new technologies are developed to solve existing problems in the water sector. 
  3. Understand that innovation is required to improve the safety and reliability of water. 
  4. Connect the engineering design process to water technology innovation. 
  5. Investigate the cutting edge of water technology today and consider how technology can be used to make water systems more efficient and sustainable. 

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