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Agrarian Commons and the Importance of Land Access for Regenerative Agriculture (with Kristina Villa, Agrarian Trust)

February 16, 2023


Agrarian Commons and the Importance of Land Access for Regenerative Agriculture



The implementation and growth of regenerative agriculture practices that heal the land and feed people rely on getting the land into the hands of people willing to implement these practices. Yet too often, land access is a barrier for many small and mid-sized farmers, and especially difficult for Black, Indigenous, and Farmers of Color. The issue of land access has only gotten more urgent as close to 4 million acres of land are about to change hands and land prices have skyrocketed. To address land access and to build and sustain the regenerative agriculture movement, it will take a radical reimagining and shift of thinking.

In today’s River Talk, we sit down with Kristina Villa the Communications Director and Agrarian Commons Relationship and Strategy Specialist with Agrarian Trust. In our conversation, we discuss land access and how the Agrarian Commons model is pushing forward a new model of land ownership. Agrarian Trust is addressing the realities of farmland owner demographics, wealth disparities, farm viability, and all who are excluded and marginalized from land and food by holding farmland in community-centered commons and providing long-term, equitable land access for next generation farmers and ranchers.

About Kristina Villa:

Kristina Villa is the Communications Director and the Agrarian Commons Relationship and Strategy Specialist with the Agrarian Trust. Kristina is a farmer, communicator, and community coordinator who believes that our connection to the soil is directly related to the health of our bodies, economy, and society. Kristina enjoys using her skill sets to share photos, stories, and information which help to inspire change in human habits and mindsets, causing the food system, climate, and overall well-being of the world to improve.

In this Podcast:

  • The intersection between land access and regenerative agriculture.
  • The impact of the current land transition on who owns, access, and stewards land.
  • How the Agrarian Trust and Agrarian Commons models are set up and how they differ from other land trusts.
  • The way land access ties into liberation and justice.
  • Current Agrarian Commons projects across the United States and Middle Tennessee.

Learn more about the resources mentioned in this episode: