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Mack Prichard: Collected Stories from Tennessee’s “Conservation Conscience”

March 23, 2022

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The Cumberland River Compact is pleased to collaborate with Tennessee State Parks and the Mack Prichard Legacy Project to present this special episode of River Talks to celebrate the legacy of Mack Prichard. This special episode of River Talks will introduce you to Mack Prichard in honor of Mack Prichard Day on March 31st.

For some listeners, the name Mack Prichard is synonymous with Tennessee’s environment. For other the name may be new. But if you have stepped foot in a Tennessee State Park, Natural Area, or really any conserved land in our state, you can probably thank Mack for making your experience possible. Mack Prichard was known as The Conservation Conscience” of Tennessee and had a wide and lasting influence on Tennessee’s environmental heritage. 

In this episode, you will hear some details about Mack’s life, but most importantly, you will hear stories collected from his family, friends, and colleagues about Mack the conservationist, Mack the environmental advocate, and Mack the friend. 

The Cumberland River Compact extends our deepest gratitude to the family, friends, and colleagues of Mack Prichard who generously shared their stories with us.


  • Geraldine Prichard Kaller
  • Tanya Prichard
  • John Froeschauer
  • Sanford McGee
  • Latham Davis

Explore the Mack Prichard Photo Archive from Friends of South Cumberland State Park. 

Contribute to the Oral History Legacy Project:

This episode of River Talks also serves as an oral history archive of Mack Prichard’s legacy. We invite others who knew Mack to share their story for this legacy project.

To share your stories, you can use these questions to guide you: 

  • State your name and share your personal and/or professional connection to Mack Prichard. How did you know each other?

  • Share a story of a shared experience you had with Mack.

  • Share what you want people to remember most about Mack Prichard.

  • Feel free to add anything else you’d like to say.

How to Record Your Contribution: 

  • Share your story and record it via phone.

    • iPhone users can use voice memos on their phones.

    • You can also download a Voice Recorder app if your phone does not have a built-in voice recording app.

  • Use Zoom to record yourself sharing your answers.

  • Share your final recording with

Resources Used to Inform This Episode:

In Memorium 2020 Tennessee Sierra Club Activists: Mack S. Prichard, State Naturalist Emeritus (by Randy Hedgepath)

Mack Prichard – My Story (recorded by Ben Cagle)

Mack Prichard Day with Tennessee State Parks with Randy Hedgepath


All photos used with permission from Friends of South Cumberland.