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Youth for Appalachian Climate Justice

July 27, 2021



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Climate change is one of the most pressing problems faced by today’s global community. Across the United States, we see constant reminders that climate change is here: record heat in the Pacific Northwest, wildlife smoke that hazes the air in Tennessee, or 100-year flood events happening way more frequently than expected. 

And climate change is not just an environmental issue: it’s a social, cultural, economic, and political issue. Today’s climate movement is centering justice and equity in its approaches to solutions. 

Young people did not cause the problem of climate change, but across the world, they are becoming some of the most vocal advocates for change. Youth, like Greta Thunberg, are household names and are using their voices to stand up to world leaders with calls for action. And more and more young people are finding their place in the climate movement. 

In today’s episode of River Talks, the Cumberland River Compact’s Catherine Price talks with Rachael Hood, an organizer with Youth for Appalachian Climate Justice. Rachael is a Master’s Student at West Virginia University and is one of several young people who recently started Youth for Appalachian Climate Justice to address climate change across Appalachia. We chat about climate justice, climate change in Appalachia, and the work her group is tackling in the region.

About Youth for Appalachian Climate Justice

Youth for Appalachian Climate Justice connects youth organizers working on transformative climate justice across the region. You can keep up to date with their work on Twitter and Instagram or reach out via email (

In this podcast:

  • What is Youth for Appalachian Climate Justice and how did it get started?
  • What is climate justice?
  • Why is it important to have a space exclusively for Appalachian youth?
  • What are the climate impacts in Appalachia?
  • What is the petrochemical buildout in Appalachia and what are the impacts?
  • How can you support climate justice in Appalachia?
Learn more about the resources mentioned in this episode: