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Spring Week! Daily Activities to Explore Nature

March 9, 2021

The days are getting longer, the weather is warming up, and the green spaces around us are beginning to bloom. Many schools are out this week for spring break, so we thought we’d put together a week full of activities that will be fun for the whole family. Each day has a theme complete with activities, a video, a scavenger hunt, and an environmental action. Find links and descriptions for each day below and spend some of your Spring Break (or anytime this Spring!), exploring nature!

You can also request a free nature kit with activities to do at home!

Day 1: Nature Art

Nature has inspired artists since the beginning of time. Today, try out a craft or two, follow along with our nature & art family night, find patterns and shapes in nature, and/or visit a local secondhand craft supply store!


  1. Upcycle a T-shirt Into a Tote Bag. Ages 10+
  2. Make a Nature Journal (Urban Ecology Center) Ages 7+
  3. Take a virtual tour of an art museum!

Video: Virtual Family Night: Making Natural Art

Scavenger Hunt: Nature Patterns and Shapes

Spanish Version: Juego de Búsqueda: Diseños y formas de la naturaleza

Environmental Action: Visit Turnip Green Creative Reuse to get some art supplies!

Day 2: Plants

Here at the Cumberland River Compact, we’re big fans of the plant world. Spring is a great time of year to check out all of the living things growing near you! Today, make an observation square in your backyard, start growing a plant in an eggshell, learn about the benefits of trees, explore the outdoors, and volunteer in your community!


  1. Make an observation square in your backyard: Video (Urban Ecology Center) and Written Explanation Ages 7+
  2. Start growing a plant in an eggshell! (City of Raleigh) Ages 4+

Video: Get to Know Trees!

Scavenger Hunt: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Spanish Version: Juego de Búsqueda al Aire Libre

Environmental Action: Find a volunteer event with the Cumberland River Compact! 

Day 3: Animals

Many different critters call Middle Tennessee home, from squirrels and skinks to bobcats and red-tailed hawks! Explore what animals and bugs live near you, create your own critter, and learn about and help track Tennessee’s biodiversity in the activities today!


  1. Create a Local Living Thing Ages 6-10
  2. Download the Critter Guide Ages 4+

Video: Tennessee’s Biodiversity

Scavenger Hunt: Beautiful Bugs

Spanish Version: Juego de Búsqueda: Criaturas Hermosas

Environmental Action: Help scientists track biodiversity using the Seek App or iNaturalist!

Day 4: Habitat

We all need a home! Today, search for and build urban habitats for animals, think about what you want in a home, and learn about creek critters and their habitats. 


  1. Build a Tiny Home Ages 5-10
  2. Envision a Sustainable Community, Ages 12+

Video: Creek Critters Exploration

Scavenger Hunt: Urban Habitat Scavenger Hunt

Spanish Version: Juego de Búsqueda: Hábitats Urbanos 

Environmental Action: Create a habitat for creatures near your home. This could be installing a birdhouse or bird feeder, building a mason bee house (stay tuned to our Instagram for a demo!), planting native wildflowers for pollinators, or planting a tree for nesting. 

Day 5: Water

If you know the Cumberland River Compact, you know we LOVE water! On the last day of spring week, pick up litter, learn about and create your own creek critters, go on a water scavenger hunt, and learn about and take care of the waterways near you.


  1. Litter Scavenger Hunt & Pick-Up Ages 6+
  2. Create Your Own Creek Critter Ages 6-10

Video: Creek Critters: Adaptations for Aquatic Life

Scavenger Hunt: Water Scavenger Hunt 

Spanish Version: Juego de Búsqueda: Agua

Environmental Action:

  1. Find your closest stream on iCreek 
  2. Host your own neighborhood clean-up–keep an eye out for a how-to on our Instagram!

We hope you are able to get outside, learn, and explore nature this week! If you do any of the activities we shared, email us a picture and we may share it on our social media to inspire others!