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Here Comes the Sun: A Conversation on Solar Energy in Tennessee

May 14, 2020

Jason Carney solar energy Tennessee

Photo of Jason Carney by Tamara Reynolds for NPR. 


Solar energy continues to grow in Nashville and beyond as a viable alternative to traditional sources of energy. Jason Carney with Energy Electives and the Tennessee Solar Energy Association has been a leader in developing solar across Tennessee for over 10 years. In this interview, Catherine Price, the Cumberland River Compact’s Education and Outreach Manager, talks to Carney about the current and future of solar energy in Tennessee. He will also share his work to ensure that communities of color will not miss out on the economic and environmental benefits of clean energy and solar power.

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About Jason Carney:

Jason Carney serves as President of the Tennessee Solar Energy Association (TSEA), a non-profit organization that is interested in educating the community and celebrating individuals that love solar. Jason received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee State University, and received his Master’s Degree in Civic Leadership from Lipscomb University. His pursuit of knowledge and experience with solar energy has led to certifications in LEED, BPI, NABCEP and PEM. Jason lives in Nashville, TN with his wife and twin children. He is also Founder and CEO of Energy Electives

In this podcast:

  • Jason Carney’s story
  • What does solar energy and renewable energy look like in Tennessee now?
  • How can people navigate getting solar on their home?
  • Why is it important to ensure low income communities and communities of color have access to green jobs?
  • What does Energy Electives do?
  • What does the future of solar energy look like both locally and nationally?
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