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1% For Water

We all live downstream.

Clean water supports our thriving local economy, our brewers and coffee shops, our farms and factories, and our parks and recreation. It’s up to all of us to protect and enhance this vital resource.  As a 1% for Water member, your dollars have a local environmental impact and support the strides made each year towards cleaner, healthier water.

Swimmable. Fishable. Drinkable.

The way water should be. 1% for Water is a Corporate Commitment to support clean and abundant water for the Cumberland River basin and its inhabitants. Our partners donate 1% of their profits to support our efforts to keep our water healthy.

A Perfect Partnership.

Your commitment. 

  • Make an annual contribution of 1% of net revenue to the Cumberland River Compact
  • Help raise awareness about the work of the Cumberland River Compact
  • Partner with us on giveaways and promotions

Our commitment.

  • Feature our 1% for water partners to our audience
  • Provide opportunities for participation at festivals and events
  • Partner on a special event, such as a volunteer event, with your business each year


“When I started Cumberland Kayak, my goal was for the company to make a difference on the river – every day we should help make it cleaner, happier, and safer. Growing up in Nashville, the Cumberland was not used for recreation. In fact, it had a bad reputation after years of poor regulation and management that led to dumping and overflowing sewers. Fortunately, the Cumberland River Compact played a huge role in changing that and restoring the river to the condition it’s in today – safe and beautiful to kayak. Now you can paddle past blue herons, turtles, and kingfishers right next to Broadway! Beyond our river cleanups, it was important to me that we donate a percentage of sales every year to the Compact so that we’re always supporting their mission and work. That way as we grow, we ensure that we stay on mission and our donation grows with us at a rate we can afford and plan on. It’s also a great tool for engaging our customers and letting them know the type of company we are – we tell every single kayaker that paddles with us about the great work of the Cumberland River Compact. Our staff is also proud to work for a company where a portion of every dollar (even if it’s small) goes toward cleaner water and rivers. It’s a small investment, but it has truly paid dividends.” 

Ryan Bailey ~ Cumberland Kayak


“Ever since we started woodworking, we had a passion for being sustainable in all of our practices. Our pieces embody the home and the planet is everyone’s home. We focus on the use of low-impact materials and reducing waste to prioritize environmentally conscious decisions. Joining the 1% for Water initiative is another way we are showing our commitment to the environment and to our local community here in Nashville.”

Daniella & Osbert Duran ~ Duran Woodworking

“Having people see water conditions from the water is one of the best ways to get people engaged in protecting them. We want people to see—from a SUP or a kayak—how close natural spaces are to downtown Nashville and why it matters to protect our waterways. We want to do that for wildlife, but also because we want to paddle on clean water.”

Margaret Littman ~ Nashville Paddle Company

Let’s start a conversation.

We want to get to know your business and help you figure out if 1% for Water supports your business’s environmental goals. Let’s get started.

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