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River Friendly Farms

Healthy Soil = Healthy Waters

Approximately three million acres, or a quarter of all land, in the Cumberland River Basin is farmland. River Friendly Farms recognizes farmers for their soil and water conservation efforts and guarantees their water- friendly practices to consumers. 

The River Friendly Farms logo signifies that a farmer values biodiversity, soil health, animal welfare, and of course, the waterways and ground water that sustain all life on a farm. 

River Friendly Farmers understand that healthy soil is the basis of a healthy ecosystem. They focus on regenerative farming methods and are guided by Best Management Practices  recognized by the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) as lessening the environmental impact of an activity.  River Friendly Farms offers a variety of courses and workshops throughout the year to assist farmers in subjects ranging from the business of farming to soil health, cover crops, and more.

Certified River Friendly Farms

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For Farmers: Get Certified

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For Farmers: Education Opportunites

Our high-quality educational opportunities are helping farmers across the Cumberland River Basin regenerate soil and protect our waterways.

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Ways to Support River Friendly Farms

Make a Donation to the Compact

Your donation to the Cumberland River Compact supports River Friendly Farming and water conservation initiatives throughout the Cumberland River Basin.

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