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Working Lands

Supporting local economies and healthy waters

The Working Lands program addresses water issues related to the pastures, farms and forests used to support livelihoods. 

A conservation-forward approach to managing these lands is critical to maintaining healthy rivers and streams in the Cumberland River Basin and beyond. Our Working Lands Program seeks solutions that benefit both the people and the ecology of our watershed. We believe that economic needs and environmental health can coexist.

River Friendly Farms

Approximately three million acres, or a quarter of all land, in the Cumberland River Basin is farmland. River Friendly Farms recognizes farmers for their soil and water conservation efforts and guarantees their water- friendly practices to consumers.

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Land surrounding mine

Mine Land Reforestation

The Cumberland River Compact’s Mine Land Reforestation program works with private landowners in the Appalachian portion of the Cumberland River Basin to reforest land that has been improperly restored after mining activities ceased.

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Education for Farmers

Our high-quality educational opportunities are helping farmers across the Cumberland River Basin regenerate soil and protect our waterways. Our educational programming connects farmers with experts both locally and from across the country to provide hands-on, topical training to improve farmers’ approach to business and conservation.

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