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River Friendly Farms

Water is essential

Water is essential to us all, but is especially essential to the livelihoods of farmers that work to ensure our continued food supply. With growing resource concerns, it is more important than ever that the land and water that supports our food system is able to be sustained, if not improved over time.

There is a wave of conservation happening in the agricultural community, with more farmers realizing the benefits of Best Management Practices (BMP’s) that reduce soil erosion, build the soils organic material, and reduce the impact on water quality. The secret is in the soil! Healthy soil not only filters water, but removes excess carbon from the air and provides crops the nutrients they need.

The Compact works with knowledgeable partners at NRCS and Soil Conservation Districts to promote and implement river-friendly practices as well as to create educational opportunities to learn more about these practices.

Download our River Friendly Farms brochure here