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Stream Restoration

Stream Repair for Water Quality and Biodiversity

The Compact’s Stream Restoration program encompasses a variety of urban and rural initiatives to repair stream banks, restore natural water flow, and enhance native plant and animal habitats.

The program restores streams on public and privately owned land and ranges in scale from backyard creeks to miles of public streams and rivers. The ability to take on large-scale stream restoration projects ensures that we are protecting and stewarding the incredible biodiversity of the Cumberland River basin for future generations.

A stream running through a residential property.

Streambank Repair

The Cumberland River Compact can assist residents in the Cumberland River basin with streambank restoration on private property. Learn more about what an impaired streambank looks like and the benefits of restoration.

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Compensatory Mitigation

The Compact’s Compensatory Stream Mitigation Program allows us to restore miles of connected streams and floodplains, reestablish critical habitat for native species, and safeguard our regions’ immensely valuable natural heritage.

Restored streams are permanently protected within a conservation easement. This easement protects the restoration project in perpetuity from impacts such as mowing, logging, mining, agriculture, and development.

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