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Mine Land Reforestation

Reforesting Minelands in Appalachia

The Cumberland River Compact’s Mine Land Reforestation program works with private landowners in the Appalachian portion of the Cumberland River Basin to reforest land that has been improperly restored after mining activities ceased. 

Coal mining, heavy machinery, and inadequate restoration efforts have left swaths of land nearly barren, covered in invasive shrubs and stunted trees that fail to thrive in the compacted and acidic soil. Beginning in Spring of 2024, the Compact will begin their first mine land reforestation project near the headwaters of the Cumberland River.

Starting with the planting of 35,000 trees over 50 acres, this project will  bring back a diverse tree canopy, restore habitat for wildlife, and improve water quality for the creeks and streams in the surrounding area.

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