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Education for Farmers

The Nexus of Successful Farms and Clean Water

Our high-quality educational opportunities are helping farmers across the Cumberland River Basin regenerate soil and protect our waterways. Our educational programming connects farmers with experts both locally and from across the country to provide hands-on, topical training to improve farmers’ approach to business and conservation.

River Friendly Farms not only certifies farms using water-friendly practices, but we also help farmers make those changes by providing high quality education opportunities. River Friendly Farms connects farmers with experts from the region and from around the country to provide hands-on, topical training that will improve their farm’s business or conservation approach. 

These opportunities help farmers to grow nourishing food while implementing practices that improve water quality and soil health. 

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Terra Firma: Growing Your Farm Business on Solid Ground

This course features experts at the intersection of farming and business management. Our master class in farm business management covers five major facets: finances and record keeping; project management; whole farm planning; labor management; and grants, loans, and financial services.

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Soil Health Series

Healthy water and soil is the basis for all life. Farmers know that their farm is only as productive as the ground beneath their feet is fertile. Our twice a year series on soil health goes in-depth on topics about which conservation-minded farmers care. Classes are free and open to the public. 

Upcoming Classes

  • Spring 2024: “Living Soil: Fostering Soil Microbiology”

Past Classes