Water Quality Maps

 These educational maps can help you determine the water quality of streams in your neighborhood. Download your watershed map to determine if it is safe to swim and fish in your stream and what you can do to protect local waterways.

The maps simplify the State of Tennessee’s list of impaired waters, based on data collected and reviewed from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. The technical data has been translated into a more understandable and visual format.

To use the maps, first identify the general location on the map where you live, work, or play to determine if there is a water quality problem. If there is concern, match the symbol on the map to the legend to learn about the concerns. Then read the table for a description of the likely causes and sources of the impact.

The publications also go beyond informing you about the water quality and recommend actions you can undertake to make an impact today. Everyone’s small efforts add up to a big difference for keeping our waters clean and healthy!

Use the map below to find your relevant Water Quality Map.