Farm Resources

Who do I contact to learn more or get expert advice?

If any of these management practices or funding opportunities has struck your interest, contact your local USDA office, NRCS District Conservationist, TN Ag Extension Agent, or Watershed Coordinator.  All of them will be well equipped to set you up with detailed information on particular practices and help with the nitty-gritty of applications for funding!

USDA Local Service Centers

Your local USDA service center is a great source for information on any farming related subject, and reduced impact agriculture is no different.  Contact your service center to learn about management practices and funding sources in greater depth than can be covered in this document!

Visit the webpage below to find your local office’s contact information, or contact one of the regional offices listed below.

What are BMP’s?

How Can I Pay For BMPs?     

Are There Certifications for River Friendly Farms?     

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