REI Pre-Trip Checklists: Don’t forget anything! Below are paddling checklists to help you pack.

Safety: Please be safe while on the water!  To assist you, we have several links that give great safety advice for paddlers below.

How-To’s: There are places throughout Tennessee that provide great paddling courses to get you comfortable in the water! Check out our water Outfitter Map for areas near you that offer these classes. The TSRA also provides a wide range of classes that can prepare you for your river adventures.

Stream Gauges:  It’s always a good idea to know the stream conditions before heading out on a trip. Use these resources below to find data on your stream.

  • USGS has many resources about stream conditions, both past and present. For quick and easy access,  our interactive map allows you to find a stream gauge near you and provides a link to the data on the USGS site. Additionally, you may use one of the sites below. On the sites, use the dropdown menu on the left under “Predefined Displays” to find current gauge measurements; use the menu at the top right to find other data types or to change the location.

Outfitters: Check out our interactive map below, and locate the nearest outdoor store near you!