Motorized Boating


Pre-Trip Checklist: Feel like you’re forgetting something? Use this checklist to make sure you don’t leave something important behind.

Safety:  Stay safe on the water; use the links below to prepare you for any situation!

Regulations: “Any Tennessee resident born after January 1, 1989 must show the TWRA-issued wallet Boating Safety Education Certificate as proof of successful completion of the TWRA Boating Safety exam.” — TWRA


Stream Gauges:  It’s always a good idea to know the stream/river conditions before heading out on your trip. Use these resources below to find data on your stream.

  • USGS has many resources about stream conditions, both past and present. For quick and easy access,  our interactive map allows you to find a stream gauge near you and provides a link to the data on the USGS site. Additionally, you may use one of the sites below. On the sites, use the dropdown menu on the left under “Predefined Displays” to find current gauge measurements; use the menu at the top right to find other data types or to change the location.

Water Quality Conscious Boating: Keep your swimming and fishing areas free of harmful chemicals and waste. Most of us don’t want to swim in oils, chemicals, or sewage, and it’s likely you don’t want to either! Help us keep our recreation spaces clean.

Navigation Aides:

  • If you are planning a long trip, use this map to find out where your dam locks are located in case you need passage; it’s important to call a dam reservoir several days prior if passage through is needed.
  • Buoy Code and Signal Interpretation