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Soil Health for Tobacco Farms in the Red River Watershed



Improving the health of our soils is an effective strategy to improve the health of our waterways, sink carbon, and ensure productive farming for generations to come. Through funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the Cumberland River Compact is working with the Soil Conservation Districts in Montgomery and Robertson Counties to encourage the adoption of soil health Best Management Practices like no-till and cover cropping. Through this grant, the Cumberland River Compact provided each district with a two-row no-till tobacco setter, and an 8ft cover crop crimper.

This equipment is available for growers to lease at a low cost from the Soil Conservation Districts. Those who are considering new management practices such as no-till and cover crop experimentation are able to try them with low risk and investment.

More information on equipment rental and availability:

Robertson County Soil Conservation District 

Equipment Rental

(615) 382-9863 x3

Montgomery County Soil Conservation District

Equipment Rental

(931) 368-0252 x3

Thank you to our funder: