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Stream Restoration at Mansker Creek, Phase II – Goodlettsville, TN


For several years, the City of Goodlettsville has been losing city land in Moss Wright Park as a result of erosion by Mansker Creek. In sections of the park, erosion of the banks along Mansker and Madison Creeks was reaching critical levels, destroying park infrastructure, posing a major physical hazard to park users, and contributing substantial sediment loads to the river.

In the first phase of our Mansker Creek restoration project, we addressed root causes of this erosion and other water quality issues with bank stabilization efforts paired with community outreach.

In the most recent phase of the Masker Creek restoration (Phase II), we continued our efforts to improve water quality in the Mansker Creek watershed through bank stabilization, installing green infrastructure, and engaging the public in a variety of community-engaged events and efforts.


Bank stabilization 

The Cumberland River Compact, in partnership with the City of Goodlettsville, contracted KCI Technologies, Inc. to stabilize a 275-foot section of eroded bank along Mansker Creek in Moss Wright Park. The stabilized bank will help prevent erosion and sedimentation in the creek, addressing urgent issues of water quality and stream degradation.

The Compact also partnered with the City of Goodlettsville to stabilize 500 feet of stream bank along an unnamed tributary to Mansker Creek in Moss Wright Park. The Compact installed biodegradable cedar revetments and live stakes to protect the tributaries banks from further erosion and trap sediment, ultimately rebuilding the stream bank and providing a stable location for vegetation to be reestablished.



Stream Cleanups: 

Through the Cumberland River Compact’s Clean Streams Initiative, we conducted 5 stream cleanups to remove debris from the Mansker Creek watershed. This helped reduce pollution in the waterway and engage volunteers in the environmental stewardship of their watershed.


Pet waste bags:

In partnership with the City of Goodlettsville, we installed 5 pet waste bag dispensers at Peay Park, Moss Wright Park, and the Goodlettsville Visitor Center. This helped to address pathogen contamination, which is a major source of impairment for several of the streams within the watershed.

Goodlettsville Waterfest:

We continued our annual tradition of Waterfest at Moss Wright Park, a well-loved educational event focused on teaching children and families about water and water quality issues. During our two festivals, environmental and water resources organizations such as Tennessee Environmental Council, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, and the local NRCS division attended and provided educational booths at the events.


Educational programs: 

Through our education program, we visited classrooms in the Goodlettsville/Hendersonville area to foster environmentally conscious youth with our “Creek Critters” curriculum.


Rain barrel sale: 

We hosted a rain barrel sale in Goodlettsville to promote water conservation and stormwater reduction to local residents. We also hosted a virtual workshop to talk about steps residents can take toward implementing green infrastructure

Millersville Rain Garden

In April 2022, we installed an 850-square-foot rain garden at Millersville Elementary school as part of our efforts to improve water quality in the Mansker Creek watershed.

Read more about it here


Riparian Planting

We held a riparian planting event at North Creek Park in partnership with the City of Goodlettsville Parks Department. During the event, 20 volunteers planted bare root seedlings along the creek to extend the buffer. Since the planting, the parks department has adjusted their mowing plan to prevent any alteration to this extended buffer.


Project Sponsors

This project was funded by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s 319 Grant Program. Other project sponsors include:

City of Goodlettsville

Sumner County Stormwater

The Nature Conservancy, Tennessee Chapter

Tennessee Environmental Council

National Resources Conservation Service

TSU Cooperative Extension

Western Kentucky University



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OCT 2019 – JULY 2022

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