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Stream Restoration at Mansker Creek, Phase I – Goodlettsville, TN


The goal of the Mansker Creek Phase I restoration project was to address water quality impairments in Mansker Creek, polluted with sediment, pathogens, and high stormwater volumes. As with many other watersheds, heavy urbanization and increased runoff in the area created conditions of severe bank erosion in parts of Mansker Creek, contributing to sedimentation in the creek among other problems. The project largely focused on the section of creek running through Moss Wright Park in Goodlettsville, where the more severe points of erosion were threatening to engulf the greenway that bordered the creek.

Funded by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s 319 Grant Program and in conjunction with the City of Goodlettsville, the Compact worked with KCI Technologies to repair the eroded bank in Moss Wright park, making the stream safer for park visitors and creating a healthier stream habitat in Mansker Creek.

Additional components of this project included educational activities in the watershed, stream cleanups, River Talks highlighting the project, and the plan to install pet waste dispensers throughout the park to address pathogens entering the creek.

The Compact will enter Phase II of this project in 2019 to continue restoration efforts in priority areas of the creek.

PROJECT SPONSORS: Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s 319 Grant Program, City of Goodlettsville

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