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Exclusion Fencing at Lumsley Fork Creek – Goodlettsville, TN


Lumsley Fork Creek is located in Goodlettsville, Tn and is part of the Mansker Creek Watershed. According to the 2014 303(d) list, 82% of stream miles in the Mansker Creek Watershed are considered impaired, with Lumsley Fork being impaired for E.Coli. The Cumberland River Compact worked with the Davidson County Soil Conservation District to assist local farmer, Jim Root of Root Hollow Farm. Mr. Root is a retired veterinarian and raises cattle on his beautiful farm in Goodlettsville. Much of the farm is forested which Mr. Root aims to preserve in addition to several cattle pastures, a pond, and of course his home.

Prior to the project, Mr. Root had worked with the Davidson County Soil Conservation District to install and alternative watering system and a heavy use area that would provide a steady water source for livestock instead of the creek running through the property. The Compact was able to provide assistance for fencing that would restrict livestock access to the creek, helping to protect the creek banks (and the cattle) as well as keep cattle from defecating in the water. Mr. Root generously spoke at a workshop held at the Compact after the project and was able to speak to not only the improved health of his land, but his cattle as well, claiming fewer cases of foot rot.

Funding for this project was made possible through the Tennessee Department of Agriculture 319 Grant Program and is part of a larger effort to promote River Friendly Farms.

PROJECT SPONSORS: Tennessee Department of Agriculture 319 Program

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