Water For Schools

As part of our mission, the Cumberland River Compact seeks to educate the next generation about the water cycle and the value of conserving water.  To this end, the Compact is partnering with Metro Nashville Public Schools for Water for Schools, and education/conservation project.

Schools throughout Nashville have recently begun installing vegetable and flower gardens.  The Cumberland River Compact provides participating schools with 275-gallon rainwater-collection cisterns, which divert rainwater from the roof to the new gardens.

Rainwater capture has several benefits.

  • Reduced water usage: by capturing rainwater, tap water use can be reduced.
  • Education:  The presence of the cisterns will encourage children to ask questions about where their water comes from, and can serve as an educational tool to help children learn about the water cycle and water conservation.

So far, the Compact has installed 23 cisterns at 17 schools, with several more in the planning stages.  If you are putting in a vegetable or flower garden at your school and want a cistern to go along with it, contact us and we will let you know how we can help make it happen.*

List of Participating Schools

  • Monroe Harding
  • STEM Preparatory Academy
  • Ross Early Learning Center
  • Lipscomb Academy
  • Cambridge Early Learning Center
  • Davis Early Learning Center
  • Glengarry Elementary
  • Park Avenue Elementary
  • Haywood Elementary
  • Crieve Hall Elementary
  • Smithson-Craighead Academy
  • Lockeland Elementary
  • F H Jenkins Elementary
  • Julia Green Elementary
  • Isaac Litton Middle School
  • West Meade Elementary
  • Paragon Mills Elementary

*We are currently partnering with Metro Nashville Public Schools and at this time cannot provide cisterns to  public schools outside of Davidson County.  However, we encourage other schools in the area to consider rainwater cisterns for their school gardens, and are happy to provide any advice or guidance on the process.  Private schools are also welcome to apply for a cistern – we may be able to work with private schools that are outside of Davidson County but still within the Greater Nashville area.