Sugartree Creek Restoration Project

The Compact received a grant through the Frist Foundation to pilot a water quality improvement program in Nashville. Due to its high population density, impaired water quality and public support, Sugartree Creek in the Green Hills area of Nashville was the optimum starting point for us.

Sugartree Creek is an urban stream running through the heart of Nashville’s Green Hills neighborhood.  It is considered polluted by federal standards with two primary culprits – high nutrient levels and habitat loss due to man made alteration. There is no one quick solution to these problems making stream remediation a challenge.

The Cumberland River Compact and its partners, Metro Water Services and the Nature Conservancy, Tennessee Chapter are working in Sugartree Creek to establish a model for urban stream mediation. The goal of our project is to implement newly designed EPA software that determines optimum locations for water quality projects and apply this to Sugartree Creek. Using this software we have essentially determined what actions need to be performed where and if this is adhered to we will reduce nutrient and pathogen levels back to a healthy level and reduce impervious surface in critical areas.


Rain Garden Project with MBA

Rain Garden Project with MBA

We had a great morning working with MBA on Saturday October 8th. We installed the first of two rain gardens that they will partner with us to plant this October. This particular rain garden was roughly 250 sq feet and will capture and...