Compensatory Mitigation

Cumberland River Compact
Stream Restoration In-Lieu Fee Program



The process to purchase credits from the Cumberland River Compact Stream Restoration In Lieu Fee Program is briefly outlined as follows:

  • Applicant completes and submits a Credit Request form.
  • If credits are available in the appropriate service area, The Compact reserves requested credits for 120 days and issues the Applicant a Letter of Credit Availability and Reservation.
  • Applicant submits the Letter of Credit Availability and Reservation with their permit documents to the regulatory agencies.
    • NOTE: After 120 days, any un-purchased credits are no longer guaranteed to the Applicant and may become available to other interested buyers. During the permitting process, it is the Applicant’s responsibility to notify the Compact if additional time or additional credits are needed. Additional credits are not guaranteed but will be provided, if available. 
  • Once the Applicant is ready to purchase requested credits – generally once the permit has been issued – the Applicant notifies the Compact and informs them of the finalized number of credits needed.
  • The Compact invoices the Applicant and the Applicant has 30 days to complete payment.
  • The Compact sends the Applicant a Payment Voucher, which the Applicant uses to satisfy their permitting requirements.


Credit Request Form



As sponsor of the Cumberland River Compact Stream Restoration In‐Lieu Fee Program, The Compact has the discretion not to sell mitigation credits for impacts to our conservation priorities in the state. While the Compact intends to exercise this discretion infrequently, members of the regulated community should contact us early in the process to ensure that the Cumberland River Compact can satisfy their mitigation needs.