Stormwater Model

As part of our mission, the Cumberland River Compact seeks to educate the next generation about the water cycle and how we interact with our rivers and streams. To this end, the Compact has developed a kid-friendly, interactive Stormwater Model, for use in educational demonstrations.

Our Stormwater Model consists of a mockup of a typical river floodplain, with terraces of various levels along the river banks. The model allows children to pour a pitcher of water over representations of different surfaces at the upstream end of the model. They then get to see how wetlands, parking lots, and retention ponds can affect flooding risk in a watershed. Based on the choices made, they get to see whether the river will drain slowly and stay within its banks or whether it will experience flash flooding and overtop them. The model provides a valuable resource for children to learn about runoff and flood management.

The Compact will be conducting demonstrations of our Stormwater Model at many of our annual events, including Waterfest, one of our most kid-friendly events. We have already had great success conducting demonstrations throughout the summer in Cumberland Park. Children can’t wait to come and learn about water, and the model offers lots of educational opportunities for adults as well.

The Compact would like to thank the Nashville Predators Foundation for providing support for the development of the Stormwater Model.