Purchase or Build a Rain Barrel

Purchase a Cumberland River Compact rain barrel for only $40!

Our rain barrels are 55-gallon barrels with overflow valve and spigot.

Please direct all rain barrel questions to Gray Perry.

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What is a rain barrel?

A rain barrel is a system that collects and stores rainwater from the rooftop that would otherwise be lost to runoff and be diverted to our neighborhood streams and storm drains. You may be surprised by the amount of water you can harvest: one inch of rain on 1,000 square feet of rooftop creates over 600 gallons of water!

Harvesting your own rainwater provide benefits for the environment and you. Rain barrels:

1. Reduce the amount of runoff that reaches our streams
2. Provide plants the water they like
3. Save energy and money used when water is processed to drinking quality standards Save you money on your water bills
4. Provide water during drought periods

Build your own rain barrel.

List of Supplies and Building instructions for Rain Barrels:

55 gallon barrel- check Craig’s List or Nashville Drum and Barrel Service in Fairview. Call first (615) 799- 9449
1/2′′ Hose Bib spigot – $7.93 from Home Depot Hose adapter 3⁄4”mh x 1⁄2” mip (Watts stock # A-663) Mesh Screen
Drill with spade bit 3⁄4”
reciprocating saw, drill, 1′′ bit


1. Saw opening in barrel
2. Drill opening for overflow valve (hose adapter)
3. Twist in hose adapter, do it a few time – try to get it flush with barrel 4. Drill hole for spigot
5. Twist in spigot, do it a few time – try to get it flush with barrel
6. Seal with caulk 7. Cut piece of mesh to cover opening on top
7.  Cut piece of mesh to cover opening on top.
8. Attach mesh to top of barrel with old bicycle inner tube or bungee.  To install place under downspout. Take a hack saw and cut gutter 12′′ above top of rain barrel. Attach an adapter either elbow shaped metal gutter piece or plastic articulated piece to direct water into barrel.

Tips: When the barrel is full, direct water away from your house with a long plastic pipe available at home improvement stores. Also, drop a mosquito dunk in the barrel during the summer months to lessen mosquito problem. Elevating the barrel on a few cinder blocks will help water flow out of the barrel.

Rain BarrelsSafety Considerations

There is a lively discussion on line about the safety of harvested rain water. We would not recommend using harvested rain water for consumption. Watering plants is the best use and that raises another question. Is it safe to use harvested rain to water plants you will eat? The definitive answer is…it depends! It depends on your roof and what washes off your roof. The potential contaminants are metals that may leach from asphalt shingles. In general, we think it is safe to water your vegetable gardens with harvested rain water. However, the surest answer is to test your harvested rain water. To test your water in Nashville contact:

Microbac Laboratories
2631 Grandview Ave. Nashville, Tennessee 37211 615.242.1480