The Metro Adopt-A-Stream program started in 2007 with the goal of engaging volunteers in stewardship work that improves the water quality of our streams and rivers.

Since this time, many local businesses, civic groups, watershed associations, churches, schools, scouts, and others have adopted waterways. These groups have engaged hundreds of volunteers, while removing thousands of pounds of trash, planting hundreds of trees, and educating the larger community about the importance of this work and the health of our waterways.

The Metro Adopt-A-Stream program has been so successful, that the Cumberland River Compact now offers Adopt-A-Stream to groups across the entire Cumberland River Basin.

If You Adopt

What You’ll Do:

  • Agree to care for a local stream segment for two years.
  • Complete one or more stream stewardship activities with your group each year.

What We’ll Do:

  • Create a stewardship page for your adoption. This page includes information about the health of your stream and its watershed, as well as stewardship ideas and resources.
  • Connect you with supplies and resources and help you plan a stewardship activity. Possible activities include stream cleanups, tree plantings, and more.
  • Mark your adoption with a custom sign, if you live in Davidson County.







The Cumberland River Compact proudly works with Metro Water Services to facilitate all stream adoptions in Nashville, TN.