Mansker Creek Restoration Project

One of the Compact’s newest projects is our Mansker Creek Restoration Project.  This project is supported by the EPA through the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, and is being conducted in collaboration with the City of Goodlettsville.  The project will be part of a multi-year effort to restore the health of Mansker Creek, which is polluted with sediment, pathogens, and high stormwater volumes.

The primary component of the project will be the stabilization of an eroding bank at Moss Wright Park in Goodlettsville.  This bank is eroding at 3-6”/year and may be contributing several hundred to thousands of cubic feet of sediment to the creek each year.  Excess sediment threatens river health by smothering bottom dwelling animals and plants, and is a major issue in the Nashville area.

In addition, we will be conducting numerous other restoration activities as part of this project, including additional work planting new riparian buffers, shoring up additional eroding banks, planting rain gardens, cleaning trash out of the streams and teaching the community about stormwater mitigation methods.

If you live in the project area (see map below) and would be interested in putting in a riparian buffer or rain garden on your land or getting a section of eroding bank under control, or want to help in any other way, please contact Cumberland River Compact to learn more about how we can help you!

Project area (Lower Manskers Creek)  

If you live near Madison Creek or Center Point Branch, feel free to contact us anyway as those areas will be in the next phase of the project.

In addition to our on the ground work, we will be expanding our annual WaterFest to a second event in July in Goodlettsville!  So if you’ve missed it in the past, you’ll have two chances to go this year!