Green Alley’s

The Cumberland River Compact’s Green Alley project is transforming alleys from asphalt stormwater conveyances that transport pollution to our most vulnerable streams into areas that percolate and clean polluted stormwater, thereby improving water quality throughout the city.

In 2015, the Cumberland River CompactHands on Nashville, the Mayor’s Office, and Metro Water Services partnered with community leaders to plant 100 FREE rain gardens along residential alleys in The Nations neighborhood. These linear rain gardens capture runoff from homes and the alley itself. A green alley can encompass many different strategies to sink rain into the ground close to where it falls. Other alley strategies will include construction of pervious paving pads rather than concrete drive ways and pervious pavement strips incorporated into the alleys.

NEW: Starting in the Fall of 2017, the Cumberland River Compact is bringing our Green Alleys program to East Nashville. Our plan is to build 100 free rain gardens in East Nashville to prevent run-off to our streams and to limit combined sewer system overflows. If you are interested in planting a rain garden in your lawn or alley, you can sign-up here

Strong neighborhood associations and leaders are essential to a successful Green Alley project. Please contact the Cumberland River Compact if you are interested in launching this initiative in your neighborhood. We strive to implement these strategies at a low cost to residents but ask for sweat equity!

The purpose of the Green Alley Project is to:

  • Reduce the pollution traveling from the land into Richland Creek;
  • Improve alleys in The Nations neighborhood to be more walkable and safe; and
  • Create a model of citizen-led water stewardship.