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Numbers in the Clouds

Grade levels: Kindergarten, 3rd

Topics: Earth Systems

Languages: English, Spanish

Interdisciplinary: Yes

Disciplinary Core Idea
ESS2: Earth's Systems

Scientists have developed several predictors that help us better understand the weather that we currently experience and how that weather will change. Our relationship to weather is something that can easily be taken for granted. However, humans have long relied on predicting how weather might change and affect us. The way we grow food, choose places to build homes, and how and when to travel are just a few examples of how we rely on weather patterns. The study of cloud types, and their respective weather predictions, is a great entry point for young learners to become more acquainted with the practice of finding patterns in weather.

Interdisciplinary with Mathematics and Fine Arts. 

This was lesson was originally written for 3rd grade. With modification, it could apply to Kindergarten. 

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