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Critter Co-Evolution

Grade levels: Biology 2, Ecology 

Topics: Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Languages: English

Interdisciplinary: No

Disciplinary Core Idea
LS4:  Biological Change: Unity and Diversity 

Organisms are constantly interacting in complex ecosystems, which leads to them impacting one another all the time! We’re able to track tightly-knit relationships between organisms, by looking at how those organisms change in response to one another. In this synchronous activity, students will be introduced to the subject of coevolution, and will observe and discuss examples of coevolution present today. In the asynchronous activity, students will design their own pollinator that has coevolved to pollinate a flower. 

This lesson was originally written for Ecology. With modification, this could apply to Biology 2. 

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This project is funded under a grant contract with the State of Tennessee.