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The Cumberland River Compact is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to enhance the health and enjoyment of the Cumberland River and its tributaries in Tennessee and Kentucky. Your donation today will help us to ensure that the Cumberland Basin continues to enjoy the precious resource of clean and abundant fresh water.

A donation of just $25 or more comes with an annual membership of the Cumberland River Compact. Membership entitles you to discounts at local participating retailers and outfitters — and you will be included in our member-only events and activities on the water!

Have you considered making a recurring donation? A monthly recurring donation of as little as $5 really helps us to predict our income from donations. You can choose that option once you have selected the total amount that you want to give today.

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A corporate commitment to support clean and abundant water for all.

Three million people and thousands of species depend on clean and abundant water from the Cumberland River. Join our 1% for Water Program and help us make sure that they get it. Our 1% for Water Program is a corporate commitment to environmental sustainability. Our partners donate 1% of their profits to support our efforts in education, restoration, and outreach to keep our water healthy.

To sign up for the 1% for Water Program or for more information, please contact the Cumberland River Compact by phone at 615-837-1151 or by email at

Thank you to our 1% for Water Partners for making an impact on our community! 


Cumberland River Kayak


A great river brought us here

The Cumberland River guided our ancestors to the basin nearly 240 years ago, and allowed them to thrive.  In 1780, with the river flowing behind them, 256 of the area’s earliest settlers signer the Cumberland Compact.  Named for the river that sustained them, it was the region’s first constitution.

A great river still sustains us

We are the descendants of those 256 signers – more than three million strong.  And we are still dependent on the Cumberland River and its tributaries. It is our drinking water, playground, and fishing hole.  The Cumberland River’s health and our health are intrinsically linked.

Stand with us at the river and sign the New Compact

Just as our forefathers did more than two centuries ago, we have created a New Compact – the Cumberland River Compact.  Now is the time to add your name and become part of history. By pledging a one-time gift of $5,000 or more, payable over five years, you can become one of only 256 individuals to sign the new Cumberland River Compact, which will be permanently displayed for future generations.

Take the Pledge

Add your name to our rapidly expanding list
of Signers today before all the spots are gone.

“Yes, I want to protect the future of the Cumberland River Basin.
I hereby indicate my intention to join the
Cumberland River Compact’s Signers Campaign!”


Phil Armor

Lee & Mary Barfield

Mel Barnes Jr.

Chris Barnes

Michael & Nancy Baron

Tim & Jennifer Bent

Julian L. Bibb

Robert S. Brandt

Martin S. Brown Jr.
& Cathy Brown

Allyson Burch

Christopher Burch

Devon Burch

Hannah Burch

Hardy & Sherry Burch

Hunter Burch

Jackson Burch

Joshua Burch

Kendall Burch

Lucius E. Burch III

Lucius Burch IV & Paula Burch

Lucius Burch V

Charles Burr III

Andrew & Marianne Byrd

Shirley Caldwell – Patterson

Earl Calfee III & Lisa Calfee

Ernest & Berdelle Campbell

Dan & Lori Canale

Hal Candee & Eliza Brown

Jeff & Anne Carr

Aby Richardson Caroll

Catherine Briggs Carroll

Christopher Carroll

Lucius Carroll III

Charles Burr III

Lucie Miller Carroll

Lucius Wyman Carroll III
& Lucie Miller Carroll

Phillip J. Andrews

Sarah Pickslay Carroll

Elizabeth Chalfant

Scott C. Chambers

Casper & Nina de Clercq

Bill & Jane Coble

Will Coble******

Michael & Lena Coradini

Richard & Beth Courtney

Paul & Marge Davis

The Honorable Karl Dean
& Anne Davis

Art & Nancy Demmas

Catherine Derryberry

Vance & Lara Derryberry

Walker Derryberry

Robin & Karin Eaton

Bill & Irene Forrester

Bill & Barbara Freeman

Bob & Rachel Freeman

William Harvey Freeman II

Michael & Kim Freeman

Al & Sylvia Ganier

Joe & Kay Gaston****

Steve & Annie Goodhue

Michael & Donna Grainger

Gwendolyn Griffith**

Gina Hancock
& Donna George

Thomas & Clark Harwell

Jonathan Harwell Jr.

Jonny Harwell****

William & Tricia Hastings

Gary & Kim Hawkins

Russell & Ellen Hickey

Kem & Marilyn Hinton

Henry & Alice Hooker

John & Mekayle Houghton

Thomas M. Hudson Jr.
& Lilli Hudson

Orrin Ingram II
& Lee Ann Ingram

Will & Lillias Johnston

A.J. Kazimi

Michael King

Pete & Sarah Kopcsak

Skip Lawrence
& Linda Hochberg

Bill Lee

Cynthia Lee

Margaret Littman

Will Martin & Jeanie Nelson

Courtney & Leigh Masters

Jack & Mary Betty Masters

Bert & Brooks Matthews

Ben & Kaaren May

Joseph P. McAllister
& Rachel Merritt McAllister

Glenn McCombs
& Denise Weyer

Dan & Kathleen McDonald

George & Susan McDonald

Mark & Elizabeth McDonald

Philip & Kate McGowan

Family of
Stephen McRedmond
In His Memory*******

Dan & Mary Mecklenborg

Andrew & Grace Michael

Ellen More

Walter M. Morgan III
& Anne Morgan

Wayne E. Morris

Andy & Dixie Noel

John & Melinda Noel

John Noel Jr.

Marian Ott

Jim Pascoe
& Margo Farnsworth***

John Patrick
& Rebecca Selove

Durham & Sarah Pettigrew

Phil & Pam Pfeffer

Craig Philip

Bill & Claudia Puryear

Elizabeth Queener

Douglas & Robinson Regen

Phillip & Janet Regen

Charles & Anne Roos

Lonnie Sharpe Jr. 
& Davida Sharpe

Mark & Anita Sheridan

Greg & Shelly Shiflett

Paul L.
& Margaret Sloan

James & Betty Stadler

James & Susan Tarpy

Overton Thompson
& Jeanette Smith

Tommy & Kathy Tompkins

Robert & Susan Tuke

Steve & Judy Turner

Vicki Turner

Mike Vandenbergh
Linda Breggin

Alex & Mary Wade

Jack & Louise Wallace

Harriet Overton Warner

John & Margaret Warner

Robert J, Warner
& Ruth R. Warner

James A.
& Becky Webb

Don Welch
& Celeste Reed

Robert Wolf

Larry & Saralee Woods

David & Jane Wright

Mamie Cayce McAlister

In Memoriam

*Margaret Ingram Coble

**Alton & Irene Griffith

***Joe & Margaret Farnsworth

****Rob & Jane Harwell

***** Tom & Healan Baker

****** Margaret Ingram Coble

******* Stephen McRedmond