River Talks will return Fall 2019

In April of 2014, Cumberland River Compact began hosting River Talks: An Educational Series at the Cumberland River Center. River Talks feature a variety of educational talks and are broken down into five series: History of the Cumberland, Natural World of the Cumberland, Travelers on the Cumberland, Spirits on the Cumberland, and Innovations and Solutions for the Cumberland. These events bring experts, artists, researchers, professionals, and characters of the river together to share their knowledge and experience. All events are free and open to the public!


About River Talks

Natural World of the Cumberland

The Cumberland River Basin, one of the top three most biodiverse regions in the world, encompasses cities, farms, schools, factories, and neighborhoods. The Natural World of the Cumberland series explores the special natural places and biodiversity of this region. This series is dedicated to Bob Brown who was a self-taught naturalist and dedicated many years of his life to the exploration and protection of natural spaces in and around Nashville.

Travelers on the Cumberland

Travelers on the Cumberland welcomes those who have paddled, swum, navigated, and explored the Cumberland River. From Vic Scoggins, who swam the entire length of the river to draw awareness to its polluted condition, to Captain Mike Hughes, who has worked at the Ingram Barge Company for 25 years, this series spotlights those who know the river best.

History of the Cumberland

The History of the Cumberland lecture series examines the important events and figures in the history of the Cumberland River Basin. Featuring some of the Basin’s preeminent historians and storytellers, this series explores how the river as we know it came to be. Come learn about the early settlers along the Cumberland, the history of commerce on the river, and how the Cumberland River shaped the world around it.

Spirits on the Cumberland

Spirits on the Cumberland highlights artists, musicians, businesses, and characters who have been inspired by the river. The goal of this series is to encourage a broader appreciation for the importance of the river and how it has shaped and inspired our community.

At Home on the Cumberland

At Home on the Cumberland is a new series highlighting ways to protect the Cumberland River right at home. Talks in this series will highlight opportunities to work with the Cumberland River Compact and partners to protect our waterways. From building rain gardens, to installing rain barrels, and more, this series is a great way to find new ways to take action to protect the Cumberland.


Innovations and Solutions for the Cumberland explores the advances that have been made in the fields of green infrastructure, water policy, engineering, construction, and environmental policy. Whether you are a civil engineer, scientist, teacher, homeowner, or simply someone interested in the latest advances in water- related technologies, these lectures are for you!

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