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Why We Need Trees More Than Ever.

If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely been stuck in your home for over a week now, you’re attempting to work if you are fortunate to still be employed, or you are doing your best to ride out this difficult and trying situation. WE ARE WITH YOU! While we’re relying on the internet to stay […]


Your Guide to a Zero-Waste Event in The River Center

  Implementing green practices at your next event is easier than you think. Recycling, composting, and simple reusable decor are just a few ways to lower your impact on the environment. With Nashville becoming a more sustainable city alternative options are more accessible than ever. Find the Perfect Green Event Space Find a venue that […]


Our Water. Our Future.

Meet the Cumberland River Compact. Our mission is to enhance the health and enjoyment of the Cumberland River and its tributaries. We are 60% water The human body is 60% water. Babies are born at about 75% water. For anyone that lives in the 18,000 square mile reaches of the Cumberland River Basin, you ARE […]