Dam Inventory Volunteers

Volunteer to take the first step towards reconnecting our water networks and restoring our waterways to their natural state.  Visit cumberlandrivercompact.org/dams to learn more or email jed.grubbs (at) cumberlandrivercompact.org with “Dam Inventory” in the subject line.

Water for Schools

Volunteer to help with our Water for Schools program.  We provide rainwater-collecting cisterns to local schools to help teach kids the value of water conservation and to help water school vegetable gardens.  Perfect if you like to get your hands dirty and/or build things.  For more information, please e-mail alec.norman@cumberlandrivercompact.org with “Water for Schools” in the subject line.

Corporate or community group looking for volunteer opportunities?

Contact Carolyn Wright at carolyn.wright[at]cumberlandrivercompact[dot]org or call us at 615-837-1151.

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