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The Cumberland River winds for over 694 miles through Kentucky and Tennessee. The land through which it flows is home to some of the greatest biodiversity in the United States. Its course touches 40 counties in Tennessee and 32 in Kentucky, with a combined population of more than 2,000,000. Many of the same water resource problems that plague other regions (need for plentiful water, streambank erosion, sedimentation, nutrients and pathogens) have a foothold here. We work throughout the 18,000 square miles of the Cumberland River Basin to address those problems.


The Cumberland River Compact works tirelessly through:


TEACHING:  Policy, Planning and Assistance for Water Resources

Watersheds – We educate the general public about our water resource concerns and empower them to find solutions collaboratively. We also assist and train local groups to improve their local waterways as there is much work to accomplish work and collaboration leverages more improvements.

Water Resource Policy (formerly known as Local Officials Curriculum) – We work with communities to offer trainings and provide the most current and effective policies for encouraging sustainable growth and maintain healthy water resources for our communities to thrive.

Climate Solutions University - We partner with local, state and national groups to train and provide communities with resources to assess their forest, water, climate, and economic risks and develop initiatives that benefit their social, environmental, and economic resilience.


PROTECTING: Sustainable Land Use Practices for Water Resources

Building Outside the Box (Sustainable Building) – We educate and showcase the beauty and benefits of green homes and neighborhoods to inspire homeowners and the building industry to take action and choose green building and landscape options. Recently, we launch the Middle Tennessee Green Homes Tour in partnership with the US Green Building Council of Middle TN.

Project Blue Streams - We work to restore natural functions to our local rivers and streams. Our efforts involve planting trees and installing rain gardens to help reduce the volume of runoff and treat the stormwater. We also strive to promote and implement restorative practices to correct current impacts to our local waterways.

Sustainable Agriculture Initiative – We work with conventional and organic farms to bring demonstration projects and practices that improve soil conditions for farmers to improve their yields while protecting our water supply.



Catfish Rodeo – We partner every June with Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency partner to host the Catfish Rodeo where over 500 middle Tennessee youth have the opportunity to fish for free. Our educational booths involve fishing, wildlife exhibits, boating safety, and water education activities that all ages can enjoy.

Cumberland River Dragon Boat Festival – We offer the opportunity to paddle on the majestic Cumberland River for a day of fun, entertainment and camaraderie with 4,000 fellow friends of the River.

Stream Cleanups – We conduct and partner on stream cleanups throughout the Cumberland River Basin addressing trash concerns from stormwater runoff and legacy dumping.

Rain Garden and Tree Plantings – We plant rain gardens and trees throughout the Cumberland River Basin to help reduce the volume and help clean polluted water as stormwater runoff drains to our local streams and rivers.


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